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I’m a mechanical engineering student, who at the age of 17 built the first 1:10 model on the world with active aerodynamics, air brake and ERS. I am interested in automotive design and motorsport. I am trying to share my knowledge with younger designers and students, to motivate them to work on themself, to achieve their dreams. From my own experience, I know that the only one who can stop you on your way to success is yourself.


Formula Project X is my personal research & development division focused on electric formula monoposts. Each of them is unique, with different systems, different technology. Chassis are developed under codenames FP-XX, completed monoposts get their own unique name. Until now there are two finished fully operational concepts - Silence and LITE.


Project under codename FP-01 is a first radio controled 1:10 scale F1 monopost with electronic stabilisation, telemetry, control through Web and more, designed entirely from the bottom and made on CNC in conjunction with a 3D printer. Project FP-01 later evolved into project Silence.

Formula Project 1 ver. Silence represents new concept of electric monopost. The goal of this project was to fit the technology from the Formula E into the FP-01 chassis and hide it under the body of the classic Formula One monopost. Eventually, it is fitted with newest technology including my own stabilisation system and universal FP-XX control application.


After Silence I wanted to take a different look on Formula monoposts construction. I started with a clear desk and built completely new chassis. It should be lighter, faster, simpler monopost. But the unique T-BAR rear suspension, base in endurance race series and improved technology from my previous projects makes it equivalent to Silence itself.

I knew that FP-02 is unique and I wanted to keep it that way. I decided that this car should stay like "One Of One", be here for better purpose. This project was built only as a special model in 1:10 scale under the name LITE. With complete documentation, LITE serve to educate students in automotive construction, aerodynamics, chassis setup and electric monoposts.
Exclusive only for my high school SOŠE Liptovský Hrádok.

RC Viper ACR

RC Viper ACR is the first and only one RC model in the world with adaptive aerodynamics, airbrake, ERS, web control and telemetry, in 1:10 scale. I originally created that car for a school competition at 2016. Wide R&D, my best software, custom chassis, own aerodynamic tests, whole 1.5 year work makes that car perfect in every way.

Formula Project 1

FP-01 is my second project, first radio controled 1:10 scale F1 monopost with electronic stabilisation, telemetry, control through Web and more, designed entirely from bottom. Project FP-01 evolved into project Silence.


Inspired by the well-developed RC Viper ACR chassis, formula models, real Formula 1 chassis, combined with own R&D - that is what makes FP-01 chassis unique.
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On 12.2.2018, on my High school SOŠELH, I first time showed my project Silence to public. Silence is an entirely new concept of electric monopost. The goal of this project was to fit the technology from the Formula E into the FP-01 chassis and hide it under the body of the classic Formula One monopost.

Silence uses a Sean Bull’s Livery. It is modified version of his RedBull - Porsche Livery.

Silence has also own stabilisation system based on piezo-gyroscopic sensor, g-sensor and connection to main electronic. It can be connected to computer, where it “learns” from simulator how to act in specific situation as slips, loose of grip, degradation of tires, high temperatures. In theoretical basis, it can learn any track and drive fully autonomous.

Silence uses the whole new platform of controlling, which can works through Wifi, and can be reachable from any computer connected to internet. The models can be even fully proportional operated by virtual joysticks on mobile devices.

But this project is special also in one other way. After I graduated, similar model with complete documentation stayed on my high school. It helps next students to learn car construction, CAD & CAM process, car chassis setup and aerodynamics.

Formula Project 2

Formula Project 2 - Version LITE. Exclusive for SOŠELH.
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Independent Suspension

FP-01 features fully independent suspension systems. The rear end uses laydown oil filled coil spring dampeners similar to that found in today’s real F1 cars. The entire rear suspension system is fully adjustable, namely toe in/out, camber, caster, track width etc.

Independent Suspension

The front double-wishbone suspension has maintained the use of the simple kingpin and coil spring system. The 3D printed suspension arms provides a strong and realistic front suspension system while still providing the adjustability of camber and caster by simply loosening a few screws.


FP-01 features a fully adjustable bell crank steering system which allows you to adjust ackermann angle in small increments through the use of collar spacers, the same way you’d find on most touring cars.


FP-01 features a mid-rear mounted motor virtually identical to its real life counterpart giving it the best weight distribution possible. Since a direct drive system would not be suitable for a rear independent suspension system, the FP-01 uses a similar 3 gear gearbox design found in the RC Viper ACR allowing it to position the motor in the very center of the chassis. This also provided the added ability for the FP-01 to be equipped with a full size gear diff or a traditional ball diff unit and the use of rebuildable universal driveshafts with protective blades.


Longitudinally mounted battery for optimal weight distribution, battery compartment features easy access system, changing batteries only requires the loosening of one screw and can accept 165mm long LiPo packs.

RC Viper ACR

RC Viper ACR was the first and only one RC model one the world with adaptive aerodynamics, airbrake, ERS, web control and telemetry in 1:10 scale. When I started this project, I was 17 years old, I did not know how awesome thing it will be. The original concept was create car with adjustable rear wing like a school project, eventually it growth to something bigger...

Story behind project

It all started like an impossible dream - RC car with the newest technology in car industry. When I got into this project, it was at july 2016, I went from zero. But I knew that I want to go the right way, there should not been any downloaded programs, shortcuts, just hard work. In addition to learning the necessary information (which include car construction, physics, aerodynamics, material structure etc. on at least university level), it was necessary to earned money, got some budget for the chassis and electronics. So I got into the manufacturing sector, I gained valuable experience and I found my direction to life. Since then passed lot of time. I moved a large piece in my carreer, and when I look back, this project has changed my life. If I had not the impossible dream then, I would not be where I am today. Therefore, I can say from my own experience, the only thing, which can stop you on the way to your goal, is yourself.

The reason, why I created this page, all articles, is that I want inspire others. I achieved something, I built this project without best hardware, without team of people, without big budget. I am an example that neither of these things, including age, is not a problem for achieving the objectives. All you need is an idea, desire to work and strong will.
Therefore, if you’re reading this and you have a dream, do not give it up, work on your own, go for it!

Technology and systems

Discover every aspect of RC Viper ACR in the series of articles on CarThrottle. Find out how ERS works, aerodynamics, take a look on source codes, enjoy the story behind this awesome project.



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